Webinars:Optimal staff scheduling and communication for all seasons; normal to surge

We are “on the brink of a global workforce crisis”.

December 2018. Mark Britnell, Global Head of Healthcare, Government & Infrastructure. KPMG International.  

Fast forward to 2021! Staff scheduling and communication is at the core of public health as well as economic recovery. Be it workforce shortage or their health and safety, intelligent planning and efficient communication are pivotal in removing pain points and running highly effective teams.

Are you a healthcare administrator, leader, planner, or staff scheduler?

Are you a manager who needs to schedule people (efficiently) at work for the first time?

Are you ready to anti-schedule your staff?!

Register today for a Mesh AI seminar to see how this intelligent and easy-to-use platform can help you.

Update: Note that we allow over-registrations and will contact you if you have to be moved to a different session. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in advance. We will make every attempt to accommodate most registrants in their desired slot while optimizing the content for each audience group and their segment needs.

Mesh AI Learning

Mesh AI by MESH Scheduling Inc. is the world’s first “Socially Intelligent Staff Scheduling” (SISS) cloud platform. Built as a flexible and easy-to-use software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, it is one of the most powerful fully automated staff scheduling, communication, and shift planning tools today.


Mesh AI offers a unique solution by democratizing staff scheduling in terms of both process and technology accessibility. Key differentiators:

1-  No sweat: fully set up and customized by Mesh AI team

2- No training needed: built for simplicity

3- No need to on-board or invite others: benefit starts as soon as you start

4- No IT support need: secure cloud tool makes your organizational IT happy

5- No CFO/finance approval needed: Affordable