Careers at Mesh AI

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Note to applicants:
the last stage of each Mesh AI interview cycle-no matter for an employee or contractor position-is reference checks. We would identify three past managers, reports, customers, or stakeholders you have worked with and would ask you to arrange for a “personal” call with them for us.

This important step maximizes the chance that we attract the right talent and set you up for mutual success and happiness. Note that “negative” comments are not always negative or a cause for rejection with us. We use them to better support you when you join us and towards your optimal professional development at Mesh AI.

Engineering Positions

Tech Lead

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Engineering Lead to guide our dynamic development team in the creation and enhancement of our call and block scheduler for medical professionals. This role involves coordinating a talented team of developers and testers, all working together to build our solution using Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Java, Flutter, and hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk among other AWS resources. A hands-on engineer who has a track record of managing people and projects effectively would be the ideal candidate to execute on the following key tasks.
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Customer Centric Positions

Customer Success Specialist

Mesh AI is looking for a customer success specialist who will support the Customer (Clinician) Success team in day-to-day activities with lead and user communications, communicate effectively with customers and leads to understand lead/user needs and act to ensure their full satisfaction.
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Sales Positions

Sales Development Representative

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR) within our dynamic team, your primary focus will be to identify and cultivate potential leads. You will be responsible for guiding leads through the entire sales process, from initial contact to successful conversion.
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