Podcast : Mesh AI x The Catalyst with Dr. Lara Salyer

Mesh AI is designed to make life easier for healthcare professionals across the country

Dr. Lara Salyer, DO, IFMCP is a star physician who struggled with burnout in 2016 after fifteen years of practice in a rural family medicine setting. Inspired by a desire to help others, art, and mindfulness, she pursued additional certifications from the Institute for Functional Medicine and Flow Research Collective.

Since then, she has been helping other physicians, clinicians, and healthcare leaders to live better lives in medicine.

As the creator and host of The Catalyst, she recently sat down for an interview with Mesh Scheduling Inc.’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Shahram Yousefi to speak about his life as an academic and his unlikely journey to go from a medical error that almost took his life to create Mesh AI to improve healthcare operations through better scheduling.

“Giving people a sense of control, sense of ownership, sense of being valued and being a part of something bigger - Mesh AI is built on that foundation,” shared Dr. Yousefi.

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