Mesh AI’s compliance with Medical Resident Accreditations

Medical resident associations such as PARO, FMRQ, PARNL, Maritime Resident Doctors, PARIM, RDoS, PARA, Resident doctors of BC and as well the ACGME in the US represent the personal and practice interests of resident doctors within their respective regions.

Among many others, they set out guidelines and recommendations for limitations on resident work, duty hours, and rotations. In doing so, not only do they protect the well-being of residents but also the lives of patients and the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare systems they serve.

At times, combining those rules with those of the local healthcare units makes for impossible math problems no resident or admin ever enjoys solving. Add to those two the needs and preferences of the residents too.

Mesh AI was built to address this very issue.

Chief residents and others involved in call scheduling can let Mesh AI create fair and compliant and, in fact, desirable and work-life-balanced shifts in a single click.