Mesh AI | American Academy of Pediatrics 2022: Call Scheduling Software Built For Pediatrics

Are you a medical resident or physician in charge of this year's call schedule? Do you already feel overwhelmed by all the special requests you've received?

The American Academy of Pediatrics will hold its 2022 conference in Anaheim, California, on Oct. 7-11 bringing together innovation from around the world in one place and highlighting the importance of taking care of our most vulnerable population.  

The Mesh AI team will be there exhibiting our automated call scheduling software, built specifically for specialties such as pediatrics. Launched in 2014, Mesh AI is a revolutionary physician and resident scheduling software tailored for specializations to ensure maximal automation and the best user experience.

Our mission is simple: to improve the working conditions of healthcare professionals and allow them to show up as ‘whole’ as possible. We firmly believe today’s healthcare systems need more compassion. Not for the patients, that’s been largely the focus so far; but more of the same towards clinicians. Allowing them to say what they need, have more control over their hours of work, and feel more protected and appreciated as they bring their whole self to work.  

Our physician shift scheduling system has afforded many clinicians countless hours of direct patient care. Through the simple integration of our call scheduling software, they have improved the work-life balance for every member of their care team. While burnout is a systemic issue that has been rampant over the past few years, the ability for your team to request calls that better suit their needs will markedly reduce the impacts of burnout drivers leading to a happier and healthier care team.

According to a recent study, 35% of specialty health teams in teaching hospitals use spreadsheets for all or part of their call scheduling. Given that in most cases, a physician or resident manages the schedule manually, this translates to a completely avoidable loss of efficiency and opportunities to introduce costly errors.      

Our goal is to make the call scheduling process easier for you. We understand the sacrifices you have made to be where you are. You shouldn't have to sacrifice any more time than necessary when it comes to scheduling call shifts manually.

Call scheduling software built specifically for pediatrics.

In peds, nothing is more important than equality. Which doesn’t necessarily mean approaching every patient exactly the same. Equality means that you truly understand your patients and their individual needs and do whatever you can to make them as complete as possible.

We believe the same is true for physician scheduling. Not everyone can or should be treated exactly the same when it comes to their work schedules. There may be people on your team who require a more flexible schedule, while others may want to pick up more shifts than others. The truth is you can have the cake and eat it too! It ‘is’ possible to meet the needs of your organization and patients, as well as your clinicians.

If your department delegated the call scheduling task to you, you may already be feeling the unnecessary pressures that come with it. There are so many moving parts to keep track of. And can quickly turn into shift changes being missed, or coworkers becoming upset they did not get their preferred schedule.

We’re the number one choice when it comes to call scheduling.

You will see and feel the difference a seamless call schedule makes for your physician team and patients. For clinicians working in an ever-changing environment, flexibility is the key to creating a harmonious workflow.

Taking into account everything that matters to your team, our software can handle last-minute shift changes and pre-planned time off requests with as minimal effort from you as possible.

Our augmented intelligence (AI) allows you to optimize patient care and outcomes. Physicians will feel heard, and patients will be better cared for because of more face-to-face time and fewer distractions.

Why Mesh AI for your team?

Every day, we strive to create a more enjoyable and easier work environment for physicians and residents. And do so in a way that is efficient in terms of time and cost. To do that, we are able to customize and launch this intelligent cloud software (SaaS) efficiently ensuring it works for those who are actually using it day in, day out.

As a single source of truth for all things ‘call schedule’, the Mesh AI platform contains 3 pillars: i) a request (e.g., vacations and preferences) management module, ii) an intelligent rule-based automated schedule creator, and iii) a call/shift swap module.  As such,   this easy-to-use scheduling software does not require any integrations with other software (e.g., EMRs, payroll, HR, etc).

This means faster approval processes and our team’s record-setting launches can happen in days or weeks rather than months (e.g., demo to launch of 2 weeks for ACGME-based accounts).

Depending on your needs, our software can be customized to stay ‘lightweight’ and focused on ‘your’ needs. Once your team is set up, you have the option of allowing your team to be as independent as possible. Whether you want to approve shift changes before they are finalized or allow certain team members to trade freely, you have ultimate control.

To ensure you are using our call software to its fullest potential, our customer support team will walk you through the entire process. Using any new software has a learning curve, and we make sure you're familiar with it before we send you out into the real world. It is our ‘partner not vendor’ approach that has earned this team a 5-star user rating for support.

Once your team's Mesh AI account is fully set up and your colleagues’ preferences and requests are added by them (easily using simple calendar-like mobile apps), you'll be able to easily create, publish,  and keep track of schedules. Mesh AI is designed to ensure that everyone on your team has received the schedule that is most appropriate for them. And in less time than it takes to walk to the cafeteria for your next cup of coffee.

Learn more about the best in call scheduling.

If you are attending the American Academy of Pediatrics conference, make sure you drop by the Mesh AI booth (#2556) to say hello if you are a user already. We would love to get to know our users beyond the “electronic screens”. If you are not scheduling with Mesh AI now and would like to learn more, a quick conversation or watching our 5-min demo there will allow us to qualify your use case and answer any questions you might have. You will also get to add your name to our raffles to win prizes and major subscription discounts.

Let us show you our software's features in person and see how you can transform your call scheduling experience into one that is easy, low-stress- and error-free.

In case you’re unable to attend the conference in person, you can visit our virtual booth to explore more and request a qualification demo.

Virtual or in person, we can’t wait to hear from you!