Fact from fiction: how can we co-exist with Covid-19?

There is no shortage of misinformation on the web today when it comes to the infamous coronavirus that is Covid-19. Some are intentional and clearly malicious while some other are simply naive or due to confusion.

Today, vis a vis the current pandemic, we can choose to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. There seems to be very little else on that “continuum”. So how do we know where we stand?

Are we washing hands often?

Are we careful enough and protective of our Covid-bubble (those we trust and interact with freely: our covid-trustworthy folks)?

Are we wearing a mask indoors when in the presence of those outside of our Covid-bubble?

Are we doing what we can to spread the correct information to others and stop the false where we see it?

With no vaccine or herd immunity in sight, it looks like our best plan forward is to learn how to co-exist with the virus. We are of course learning every day. This virus has been quite a medical and social lesson for all. Our science is limited but still the best source to turn to as we try to balance our risks with our needs.  So what are the best and latest to keep it at maximum “harmony” with Covid-19?

Dr.  Don Sheppard, Director of the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity, has done a fabulous job in these six minutes or so and we thank him for sharing it: