Customer Success at Mesh AI

The Mesh AI philosophy is to promote harmony in all aspects of the lives of medical professionals - taking time away from tedious frustrating tasks and giving that time back to patients.

A Customer Success team is important in healthcare as it is essential to ensure the satisfaction and advocacy of those who rely on technological products and services. The healthcare industry poses a particularly unique challenge as it is essential that medical software performs as needed when patient’s lives and overall health are on the line. Not only this, but software must be able to accommodate the varying needs of unique hospitals, clinics and medical units. Regardless of the innovation- factor of the technology; if the product doesn’t resonate with users in a way that builds trust, customers won’t find success in using it.

Above all else, we are seeing amazing results in the effectiveness of personalized customer success concierges working with each of our clients. It lets us really get to know their needs, understand their problems, and even predict future issues. Transparency and support are integral parts of the union between technology and healthcare”, says Liana Evans, Chief of Customer Success at Mesh AI.

The Mesh AI “help” section, lets users; both admins and members, ask questions, get guidance and make requests at any point of the day. It also pinpoints problems and opportunities that happen by collecting as many customer requests as we possibly can. We rely on this customer feedback to ensure that we are providing the best possible customer experience and are always developing the most important and useful features. In healthcare, patients deserve the full attention of all providers - meaning they should never have to be stuck worrying about the creation of their schedules. Yet it is so vital that physicians, residents and caregivers can rely on fair and equitable schedules to ensure they can attend to their patients while taking care of themselves in the most effective way. It is here that our Customer Success Team takes into account the feedback and suggestions from our users - so we can lift the scheduling burden from their shoulders and let them spend their time on what matters most.

The happiness and safety of our users and their patients is our number one priority, which is why our team is dedicated to ensuring full time support around the clock. We pride ourselves on making improvements and developing new features for our customers to ensure we are delivering the most optimized product for them.

Thanks to our Customer Success Team for working hard around the clock to ensure the happiness and safety of our users!