You are invited! Speaker series - Harmony: beyond win-win for an ailing healthcare system

Does Canada have a better healthcare system or the US?

Join us to hear about our co-founder Prof. Shahram Yousefi, PhD, P.Eng.'s point of view on issues in healthcare, in particular workforce, in North America.

We've been listening to the frontline medical professionals and focused on helping healthcare leaders reduce the largest component in healthcare operating costs- workforce. In this talk, Prof. Yousefi will provide some surprising comparative arguments. Join us on this informative event and learn how we can do better!

Speaker: Prof. Shahram Yousefi, Ph.D., P.Eng

Date: Thursday, Feb 28th, 2019

Time: 12:15pm - 1:15pm EST

Location: Toronto Rehab – University Centre, Basement Lecture Theatre. 550 University Ave., Toronto, M5G 2A2

Open to the public

Hosted by SleepdB