New Testing and Dev Associate: Gaurav Chauhan

Mesh AI hires for grit, passion, and performance that align with our mission. We invest in the best and focus on their growth as they contribute to that of their team and product. Proud moments for all of us when this happens: our Business Development Intern, Gaurav Chauhan (he/him) has been promoted to the position of Testing and Dev Associate.

Gaurav brings tremendous versatility and tenacity to the #MeshAI4Health team. This comes at an important time as we are expanding into new #healthcare segments and making substantial product improvements to better ensure customer satisfaction and success.

We asked him about his mission to make the world a better place and he said, "The biggest pain humanity has is not genuinely caring about other people and being obsessed by doing things for personal benefits."


When he’s not learning/working, He can be found watching anime and cricket. He finds great joy in creating things that help humanity.

Great places together in your new role Gaurav!