Mesh AI supports another research program aimed at reducing Covid-19 and general burnout in healthcare workers

We are proud to support prolific researchers at Lakehead University  and  healthcare from coast to coast in #Canada as helps the transformation towards a more inclusive #healthcare system: for providers and patients alike.

#physicians should have a say in when and how they work! Time of work, and lack of control there, is a major contributor to their stress, burnout, and the moral injury we see so prevalent in #healthcare today. Before the pandemic, every day 1 doctor committed suicide in the US alone. The Covid-19 pandemic has made things that much more aggravated.

We must remember that #patientsafety and better #patientoutcomes follow when we provide for a healthier work setting for the providers.

#MeshAI4Health is not a #staffscheduler or #physicianscheduler only. It is an #antischeduler. It will help reduce the cost of healthcare and hence lead to better access for all.

Hello, socially intelligent staff scheduling era!

Thanks to Mitacs  for making a huge impact in our battle against the pandemic and healthcare burnout through their Covid-19 accelerated programs. Read more HERE.