Mesh AI is now an official partner of the Physician Leadership Career Network!

Press release:

August 11, 2022

MESH Scheduling Inc. (Kingston, Canada/San Francisco, USA) is now an official partner of the Physician Leadership Career Network (PLC-Network, Florida, USA).

PLC-Network is a career resource exclusively for physicians driven to grow from medical experts to visionary leaders.

Given the compounding pressures on healthcare systems in the US and Canada as well as globally, there is an increasing need to help physicians elevate their leadership skills, connect with employers, and discover advanced career opportunities. “This is a critical piece of any healthcare solution,” adds Dr. Shahram Yousefi, MESH Scheduling Inc.’s co-founder and CEO. “Healthcare is human-centered and it will stay that way for long; and we believe the central human in this picture is the clinician,” Dr. Yousefi shares.

PLC-Network enables physicians with deep clinical knowledge and problem-solving skills to address some of the most pressing healthcare challenges we face at a more impactful and scalable level. The unique PLC-Network platform hosts an outstanding job board with leadership positions only. A robust Career Resource Center helps physicians improve and enhance their leadership skills. The organization also empowers healthcare organizations to fill mission-critical leadership roles by efficiently targeting and attracting the best leadership talent in an increasingly scarce and competitive market.

MESH Scheduling Inc.’s flagship Mesh AI product has been identified as a necessary tool to enable leaders to better manage staffing costs, improve working conditions and the wellbeing of clinical staff, attract the best physicians, reduce staff leaves, turnovers, and burnout, and improve culture and engagement.

“Our intent at PLC-Network is to be a vital resource, and this partnership fulfills a valuable need for physicians and our healthcare clients,” says Kurt Scott, Founder & CEO. Our partnership with Mesh AI allows us to offer powerful resources that are valuable to our members by significantly reducing the time (and stress) to create a schedule – down to a few minutes and clicks. It creates communication channels, transparency, and fair schedules. Mesh AI is a Sharp Index Award semi-finalist for a reason and we’re proud to have Mesh AI a part of the’s Career Resource Center!”

This PLC-Network partnership provides for major discounts both in Mesh AI’s monthly subscriptions and the initial costs of setup and customizations to physicians and healthcare organizations that qualify.

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Contact or to learn more or visit MeshAI x PLC-N.