Mesh AI Hero: Prof. Gianluigi Bisleri, MD, FRCSC

Press release: December 3rd, 2019

In November, we announced our initiative to celebrate and acknowledge our heros of healthcare.  Those who go above and beyond their line of duty, those who innovate, the game-changers and the life-savers of healthcare.

Applications came in from coast to coast in Canada.

Mesh AI is pleased to introduce our “Mesh AI Hero”  Professor Gianluigi Bisleri, MD, FRCSC.

Dr. Bisleri is an associate professor of surgery at Queen's University in Kingston, ON and works as an attending surgeon at the Kingston Health Sciences Centre. He attended medical school at the University of Brescia in Italy, where he completed his residency. He is a cardiac surgeon with close to 2 decades of experience and currently maintains licenses to practice in both Canada and Italy.

As a member of several professional scientific societies and boards, Dr. Bisleri exceeds the standards of the nation’s leading surgeons and believes that exceptional patient care is rooted in experience, continuing education, and innovations in modern medical technology. He continues to pursue innovations in areas of need such as minimally invasive procedures, complex aortic arch diseases, and heart valve treatments by integrating new technologies and techniques.

Dr. Bisleri is never satisfied with the status quo. He works with a number of local and international teams to improve both clinical procedures and general operations of healthcare unit. He is cited to be “continuously innovating to make lives better both for patients and colleagues he works with”.

Huge congratulations to Dr. Bisleri, Queen’s University, and Kingston General Hospital for this designation for “innovations and contributions in cardiac surgery”.  

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