Mesh AI Hero: Dr. Mukesh Bhargava

Dr. Mukesh Bhargava

Mesh AI Health Hero

Press release: December 20th, 2019

Mesh AI is a promoter of efficiency, innovation, and harmony in healthcare built upon a novel premise. We believe only a focus on the wellbeing of the providers will support the foundation to improving our ailing healthcare systems: fewer errors and deaths, lower costs, less burnout, and better patient outcomes across the board.

Mesh AI further celebrates and acknowledges our heroes of healthcare. Those who go above and beyond their line of duty, those who innovate, the game-changers and the life-savers of healthcare.

We are pleased to introduce our next “Mesh AI Hero”  Dr. Mukesh Bhargava.

Dr. Bhargava is Chief of Staff at Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) in Ontario, Canada. He is a general internist specialized in cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and TIA/stroke prevention. Dr. Bhargava has served in a number of healthcare leadership positions and has been previously awarded for “creativity in medicine”. As Chief of Staff at NHH since 2017, Mukesh has been a leader for positive change. He has led a number of initiatives that “have significantly improved the work conditions for hospital staff saving time and resources and positively impacting quality of care”. One nominator adds: “…it’s truly exceptional how open and how willing Dr. Bhargava is to ideas and projects that add real value no matter how much more work they are for his already very busy schedule…”.

We at Mesh AI are excited for this announcement. Congratulations Dr. Bhargava. Well deserved!

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