Meet our iOS developer: Saina Hamzehzadeh

Mesh AI is a global brand. We are from all corners of the planet and we serve healthcare providers from Australia to Canada. We focus on continuous improvement to our core products and services and take pride in going the extra mile to ensure we create a platform that is simple yet powerful in the hands of our users no matter what small clinic or large hospital they work at.

Time to meet one of our longest-serving creative developers again: Saina is originally from Tehran, Iran. The largest city in Iran famous for its beautiful monuments, ancient places, bazaars, and never-ending night life. Tehran is the cultural, economic, and political center of Iran and the hi-tech capital of the country.

Saina is an iOS developer with an artistic flare. More than anything else, she is a creative problem-solver who strives to create a better user experience no matter what line of code she is on.

When not programming, she can be found playing tennis, juggling and watching movies. She believes that the biggest pain humanity faces is poverty and lack of equality all around the world. She finds much beauty at the sight of people helping total strangers.

Following her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the University of Tehran, Saina also completed a master’s degree in communication systems. As a developer, Saina leads Mesh AI’s iOS development towards  operational and functional excellence.

Thanks Saina for what you do! We love having you on the team!