Meet our business development intern: Gaurav Chauhan

Mesh AI is proud to work with the brightest talents from all around the globe. Since inception, the company has invested significant resources in the training of highly qualified personnel who bring different views & innovative ideas to the team in all areas from engineering and product design to marketing and sales.

Meet Gaurav Chauhan from Raipur, India. His state of Chhattisgarh is home to many stunning lakes, ancient temples, and terracotta & steel industries. Gaurav is an aircraft maintenance engineer graduate who aspires to be an engineering manager and travel to many countries.

We asked him about his mission to make the world a better place and he says, "The biggest pain humanity has is not genuinely caring about other people and being obsessed by doing things for personal benefits."

When he’s not learning/working, He can be found watching anime and cricket. He finds great joy in creating things that help humanity.

As a Business Development Intern, Gaurav has been involved in a number of important projects with a focus on improving user conversion and user experience. His many contributions to Mesh AI are already returning value. Thanks Gaurav! We love having you on the team!