Meet our business development intern: Abisha Christmas

Mesh AI invests heavily in the training of highly qualified personnel in Canada as well as globally. In doing so, we are extremely fortunate to work with very talented students with diverse backgrounds who bring new views, fresh ideas, and creative problem-solving methods to our team.

Meet Abisha Christmas from Chennai, India. She was born in Tuticorin, once known as the city of pearls due to its once thriving natural pearl diving industry. Abisha is currently in the last year of her Business Administration degree and plans to be exploring and traveling the world over the next few years. She thinks working remotely will allow her to fulfill her dreams of experiencing new things, learning many languages, and solving real-world humanity problems no matter where and when.

We asked her about her mission to make the world a better place and she says, “The biggest pain humanity has is having to fear for your life in your own country. I can't imagine feeling unsafe in my own home. I wish people would coexist in peace and stop waging wars."

Abisha sings in her spare time and loves simple pleasures of life like laughter with friends and family. As a Business Development Intern, Abisha has been learning about marketing, sales, and growth hacks in SaaS making significant contributions to Mesh AI in many unique ways! Thanks Abisha! We love having you on the team!