“Disruption alert! Announcing the launch of a state-of-the-art automated scheduling system for healthcare!”


KINGSTON, ON - MESH Scheduling Inc. has now launched MESH AI (July 1, 2018) in time to celebrate Canada’s 151st birthday and the US Independence Day. The new venture based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, is a global leader in algorithms and intelligent tools for the healthcare industry. MESH AI is a SaaS (software as a service) platform designed to save time, money, and frustration by matching people and expertise to jobs and shifts with near-mathematical optimality. Designed specifically for highly collaborative environments, it provides a 360-degree solution for hospital and clinic staff scheduling.

MESH AI provides an integrated communication platform to allow staff to connect with one another or the entire team via MESHages. It includes a training and onboarding feature as well as integration with all popular calendars such as Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars. The schedule creation can be done in a number of ways, most notably in fully automated mode with “MESH Autoscheduler”. This is the most important value proposition for this state-of-the-art SaaS having inherited Canarmony Corp.’s proprietary scheduling engine formerly known as the “Canarmonizer”.

Offering an attractive yet very sophisticated interface, this cloud-based platform is perhaps the most affordable software tool that a health unit can access to create the highest amount of efficiency and return on investment single-handedly. Other features include free access to native mobile apps (iOS and Android) as well as a very user-friendly “switchboard operator dashboard”.

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MESH Scheduling Inc. is an innovative and rapidly growing software disruptor with a mission: to enhance harmony at home and work for all.  It is founded by academics and medical professionals with ties to Queen’s University and is based at Innovation Park in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Please visit https://welcome.meshai.io/ to learn more about this disruptive technology that is revolutionizing healthcare management. For all correspondence, please email MESH Scheduling Inc. at info@meshai.io

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