Black Lives Matter; Police Brutality Must Stop

I hope this finds you and yours in health, happiness, and harmony.

The latter seems impossible these days. Harmony to us is when distinct notes come together to create something bigger, better, and beautiful. To lead to music. Harmony is when we all come together as a single race to make humanity. In unison to improve our planet.

Mesh AI was built for harmony. To help people, albeit in a much smaller scale within healthcare teams, get along better towards a common goal. As such, we are not silent on the deeply disconcerting events we have been witnessing around us. Police brutality and systemic racism must stop. Today. And today is when we must act.

Mesh AI will be donating a percentage of revenues in the month of June to our charity of choice in relation to the above cause: in the US to and in Canada to Help us further support to this important cause.

Silence is wrong. Help move the needle where you are. It matters. As black lives matter.