Announcing our MESH Referral Appreciation Program!

We at MESH AI,  deeply appreciate your support and loyalty! The more users we serve, the smarter our automation engine, and the simpler our user interfaces  become. This is the beautiful thing about artificial intelligence,  automation, and our design approach.

Therefore, we wanted to make sure that you have heard of referral appreciation program. For any new MESH AI  clinic or hospital subscription based on your referral, we will give  away a $100 cash reward to the person or charity of your choice. Use it for yourself for the holiday shopping, gift it to a friend, apply it to your current MESH AI subscription, or donate to your charity of choice.

All we need from you is the name and contact information of any other hospital or clinic group that can benefit from MESH AI. You can also tell them to contact us directly and just mention your name. Thanks for spreading the harmony!

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