Does this platform need security compliance approvals such as HIPPA or PIPEDA?

As MESH AI only deals with staff scheduling and not patient information, strict security certifications are not required. However MESH AI implements many of the security standards of common certifications, such as encryption at rest and secure http connections.

How can I make sure if MESH AI is right for my organization/business, before buying a subscription package?

MESHAI offers a free demonstration of our product to help you assess the its features and benefits before deciding to implement it within your organization. 

How affordable is MESH AI?

MESH AI is extremely affordable when compared to major competitors. Many of the other options for scheduling are very complex and bloated. MESH AI saves you and your team money by providing a simple, intuitive platform that doesn’t break the bank.

How long does it take to switch my team to MESH AI?

With a dedicated concierge, we can get your recent and current schedule into MESH AI in under a week. You can start using the system and scheduling immediately while your team members join as they can. While MESH AI is easy for your team to pick up, webinar training is available. If you require automated scheduling, your concierge will work with you to tailor the system before your next scheduling period.

Will MESH AI need access to our EMR or other systems?

While MESH AI offers system integration if necessary, it is a stand-alone scheduling platform that does not need access to any other systems to give you and your team optimal schedules.

Will I be stuck in a contract?

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, MESH AI charges on a month-by-month basis.

What groups can use MESH AI for scheduling?

Doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators and support staff can all use MESH AI to schedule. MESH AI can handle random assignment, clusters and rotations, and standard static jobs.

Does MESH AI have mobile apps? are they free?

Native Android and iOS mobile apps are available at no extra cost. These apps allow your team members to view their schedules, make requests, swap shifts, communicate, and get immediate notifications about schedule changes.

How does MESH AI help in boosting the revenue of an organization/business?

The Shift Bazaar is the place where Members can make Deals to take Shifts from other Members or give away Shifts to other Members. It shows all the available Shifts that are up for grabs, and any Deals in process. Members can start a Deal by clicking on Shifts in the Team Calendar. The Administrator remains in full control of the Shift Bazaar, if needed. 

Our team does not have complex scheduling. Can MESHAI still help us?

MESHAI creates fair and fluid schedules for all kinds of organizations. If your team does not have complex scheduling rules or requirements, MESHAI can still optimize your scheduling process by assigning shifts to all your employees for you. It applies your workplace rules, and establishes all pre- and post-scheduling communications, when changes are needed. MESHAI eliminates back and forth emails, texts, and calls concerning employee availabilities to fill open shifts.

How does MESH AI enhance employer-employee relationships?

MESH AI creates schedules based on employee preferences and availabilities, while satisfying the various constraints of the organization. Promoting a healthier workplace culture, MESH AI allows managers to improve their employees' work-life balance, which will in turn improve their mood and productivity. With MESH AI, managers remain in full control of the business/institution's scheduling, while avoiding possible tendency towards favouritism. 

Which organizations or teams can benefit from MESHAI ?

MESHAI benefits a variety of shift-based and rotational organizations, such as health clinics, hospitals, restaurants, fitness studios, childcare centres, educational institutions, customer and technical services, security and emergency services, and retail stores.  For more information about our product, its functions, and applications, contact us at [email protected]