Stop wasting your weekends scheduling! Automate but stay in control!

Mesh AI provides the smartest yet simplest automatic scheduler that still allows you to stay in full control of your staff’s assignments.

Why so many tools and software for different needs? MESH AI does a lot more!

Our state-of-the-art cloud-based tool allows you to solicit staff requests, easily schedule them, handle all swaps, manage vacations, and operate switchboard all in one place.


Scheduling with MESH AI is as easy as a few clicks and a few minutes



Automatic schedule creation: automatically create the schedule for any interval but adding your shifts, staff roster, and your requirements

Pre-schedule requests: receive all vacation and other staff requests in one place and keep track of total vacation taken

Team communications: staff can talk to one, more, or all other staff using our built-in MESHage platform

Post-schedule requests: manage all last-minute change and swap requests in one place with Smart Suggestions and MESH Bazaar

Schedule and staff analytics: view shift distribution among staff for weekdays, weekends, and special days

Switchboard operator dashboard: allow operators to see the shifts for all units and see staff contact information for paging and call forwarding

Integrate with all popular calendar formats, such as iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook

Exports shift hours for payroll and payment services

On-boarding platform and discussion forum for training and memo purposes

MESHBox: archive or share important forms and documents with your team

Form-builder: create custom forms for HR, training, on-boarding, credentialing, and all other needs



Cloud or SaaS tool available anywhere anytime: designed to be simple and light-weight in its web, iOS, and Android (native) applications

Reduce time, cost, and stress related to staff scheduling for all managers, administrators, chiefs, and staff alike

Prevents errors and confusions related to schedules, shifts, and tasks

Stay in full control of your care team from anywhere at any time

Enhance employee-employer relationships; boost staff morale and performance by showing you care and eliminating perceptions of favoritism

Allow staff to request on and off time requests as well as ‘preferences’ on shifts as well as people they work with: things you imagined totally unmanageable before!

Exploits shift, staff, and HR data analytics for management planning and strategizing to grow revenue

Make medical program accreditation easier by eliminating risks related to competency and minimum hour/unit requirements

Includes built-in file-sharing platform with extra cost and hassle

You can create forms built on-the-fly for your own organization and share with anyone you need

Creates lasting harmony for you and your team at work: enough to take some home with you!


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Advantages of Mesh AI

Mesh AI Petal MD Kronos AMiON SHIFThound Lightning Bolt Medevision Loki StaffRight
Automated Scheduling
Swaps & Smart Suggestions
Organizational/Switchboard View
Vacation Management
Employee Preferences
Fairness and Analytics
Payment Cycle Monthly Monthly Annually Annually Annually Annually Monthly Annually
Flexible Contracts Long Term Long Term Long Term
Native iOS/Android Apps Extra Fee

Custom pricing:

The most amazing medical shift scheduler does not have to break your bank! We think healthcare is expensive and costly as it is. We customize the tool, train your people, and launch MESH AI in a few days at the guaranteed lowest price in the market for a tool with many productivity tools. Contact us for a free demo and to get started!

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